We have been producing, in our Montappone office, hats and clothing accessories for over forty years using a wide range of fabrics and transmitting artisan secrets from generation to generation. With the passing of time we have increased and developed considerably, always meeting the trends of the market and trying to satisfy the requests of every kind of customers.

The creativity, the incessant search for materials and yarns, the accurate care for details and the precious know-how acquired over the years have let us integrate successfully into the world of fashion. We produce various quality items that can be worn in any situation and that are made for men, women and children using exclusively materials and yarns carefully selected and manufactured.

We also pay special attention to planning, where trends and styles are studied and highlighted. In addition we make a lot of creations for third parties in Italy and abroad, we have a wide collection of samples and, thanks to our professionalism and competences, we have obtained the trust and the partnership of important fashion brands.